Exertis Enterprise at the AI Summit 2024

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This year’s AI Summit, held on June 12-13 in London, was a remarkable event for Exertis Enterprise. Sponsored by Nvidia, Supermicro, AMD, APC, Micron, and Fujitsu, the summit provided a fantastic platform for showcasing our AI Centre of Excellence, the innovative AI Pod, and our comprehensive AI solutions.

At the heart of our presence was the AI Centre of Excellence, where our dedicated team of AI experts demonstrated how we demystify AI for our partners across Europe. Our collaborations with industry giants like Nvidia and Supermicro, combined with our expertise in server, storage, and networking, enable us to craft bespoke solutions tailored to each unique use case.

Chloe Nelson, Product Manager at Exertis Enterprise

Our AI Pod, designed to democratise AI and HPC technologies, was a major highlight. This groundbreaking solution empowers organisations of all sizes to innovate, optimise operations, and lead in their industries. The AI Pod’s key features, such as unmatched performance, scalable turnkey solutions, and versatile hardware options, garnered significant interest from attendees.

Simon Regan, AI Lead at Exertis Enterprise

Our stand featured live demonstrations of the Fujitsu Furhat, which displayed its private GPT functions, illustrating the practical applications of generative AI in enhancing customer interactions and operational efficiency. Visitors had the opportunity to engage with representatives from AMD, Fujitsu, APC, and Micron, who were on hand to discuss their latest innovations and how they integrate with our AI solutions.

In-Depth Conversations and Technological Insights

Adam Blackwell, General Manager at Exertis Enterprise

The conversations at our stand delved into the latest advancements in AI and HPC. We highlighted Nvidia’s cutting-edge GPU systems designed for deep learning and AI workloads. These systems offer unparalleled performance and are crucial for driving the next generation of AI innovations.

Additionally, we showcased Supermicro’s AI solutions, which integrate seamlessly with Nvidia’s technology. Supermicro’s scalable and efficient AI infrastructure solutions ensure that our partners can deploy and manage AI applications effectively, meeting their unique performance and scalability requirements.

Micron brought forward their latest in server memory and storage solutions, such as the Micron® DDR5 Server and NVMe SSDs. These technologies are crucial for handling data-intensive AI workloads, enhancing both speed and accuracy while minimising costs.

AMD highlighted the power and efficiency of their EPYC™ processors, which are essential for enabling AI solutions across various industries. We explored how these processors can extend and enrich workloads, providing significant improvements in performance and energy efficiency.

Fujitsu highlighted their commitment to data sovereignty and security with their on-premises AI solutions. Their offerings, such as the Fujitsu Furhat with private GPT functions, demonstrated how organisations can leverage AI while maintaining strict data privacy and compliance.

APC showcased their IT physical infrastructure products, integrated with Schneider Electric ecosystems. These solutions support the high power and cooling demands of AI applications, ensuring efficient and reliable data centre operations.

Hear from some of our vendors including Micron, Fujitsu, AMD & APC live from the show in the below highlight reel

Following the summit, we hosted an exclusive networking event at Il Bacino in Wapping. This event provided a relaxed setting to continue discussions over great food and drinks. Attendees enjoyed the beautiful location and scenic views of the sunset over the ships at Tobacco Docks, making for a memorable evening.

The private networking event allowed for deeper conversations in a more intimate setting, fostering stronger relationships with our partners and customers. Key discussions from the summit were extended into the evening, covering advanced AI applications, data sovereignty, and the future of AI-driven solutions in various industries.

Feedback from the evening was overwhelmingly positive. Our team received numerous compliments from vendors and customers alike.

Sean Mullin, Sales Manager at Exertis Enterprise

Throughout the summit and the networking event, we engaged in meaningful conversations about the future of AI and its applications across various industries. Our discussions covered a range of topics, including:

  • AI Demystification: We explained how AI can be integrated into existing business models without the need for extensive data science knowledge. Our experts highlighted how AI can run on diverse hardware platforms, from CPUs and DPUs to GPUs, making it accessible for any organisation.
  • Generative AI and Digital Twins: Conversations centred on the transformative potential of generative AI and digital twins. We explored how these technologies can create realistic simulations and predictive models, driving efficiency and innovation in sectors such as healthcare, finance, and manufacturing.
  • Smart Spaces: We discussed the implementation of AI in creating smart environments that enhance operational efficiency and user experience. Examples included adaptive learning systems in education and intelligent traffic management solutions in transportation.
  • Optimised Storage and Networking: The importance of high-performance storage and networking solutions for AI was a key topic. We showcased our partnerships with industry leaders to provide flexible, high-performing platforms tailored to the specific needs of AI workloads.
  • AI in Healthcare: The role of AI in advancing healthcare solutions was another focal point. We highlighted applications such as 3D reconstruction, patient analysis, and robotic assistance, demonstrating how AI can improve diagnostics and treatment outcomes.
Tom Cox, Commercial Director at Exertis Enterprise

The AI Summit 2024 was an inspiring event, reinforcing our commitment to leading AI innovation and providing exceptional solutions to our partners. As we continue to develop our AI Centre of Excellence and AI Pod, we are excited about the future possibilities and look forward to driving further advancements in AI technology.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who visited our stand, including existing customers and potential new partners. Your engagement and feedback were invaluable, and we look forward to continuing these discussions.

Thank you for your continued support and partnership. Together, we are shaping the future of AI. For more information on our AI solutions and to schedule a consultation, visit our website or contact our AI team at ai@exertisenterprise.com or via the contact form below.