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Exertis Enterprise, a leading provider of innovative technology solutions, recently participated in the AI Summit 2023 held in London. The AI Summit is one of the world’s largest and most prestigious events focused on artificial intelligence and machine learning. The event brought together leading experts, thought leaders, and innovators from the AI industry to discuss the latest trends and developments in the field.

We were one of the key attendees at the event, showcasing our latest AI-powered solutions and services. Our innovative products and services impressed the attendees, and they received a lot of attention from potential customers and partners.

Agnostic, Innovative and Always on point

At the AI Summit, we proudly showcased innovative products in collaboration with esteemed partners Supermicro, NVIDIA, and Intel. These showcased products not only highlighted our technological prowess but also exemplified our unwavering commitment to advancing AI capabilities. Some of the notable products featured at the event included:

Whitebox HGX – Exertis is excited to offer the latest Supermicro GPU servers featuring the NVIDIA HGX H100 8-GPU system, optimized for AI, DL, ML, and HPC workloads

NVIDIA certified HGX – The NVIDIA HGX H100 8-GPU system is the key building block for AI, DL, ML & HPC operations. The reference architectures offer complete rack-scale liquid-cooling options, ensuring maximum performance and reliability for your most demanding workloads.

NVIDIA Networking – NVIDIA Quantum-2 is the seventh generation of NVIDIA InfiniBand architecture that offers faster interconnects and improved intelligence to enable high-performance computing, AI, and hyperscale infrastructures to run simulations with greater speed and efficiency

Storage – HW & SW Agnostic, solution choice around AI workload. By using agnostic hardware and software, organizations can avoid vendor lock-in, enabling them to choose the best hardware and software for their needs.

Nothing artificial about our intelligence

We understand that financing options are crucial for businesses looking to invest in new technology solutions. To help businesses meet their procurement needs, we offer a range of complete solution financing options that are tailored to suit different business requirements.

At Exertis Enterprise offer comprehensive professional services that benefit customers at every stage of their technology journey. From engineering and pre-configuration services to white-label services across our product portfolio. White-label services include vendor-accredited consultancy, full documentation, and end-user sign-off [1]. Exertis’ ISO 27001-accredited services provide tailored support from pre-sales to post-sales and help businesses grow

Unlock your business potential with Exertis AI solutions

Our team also participated in panel discussions and presentations at the event, where they shared insights and best practices on how businesses can leverage AI to drive growth and innovation. Our executives emphasized the importance of data-driven decision-making and highlighted the key benefits of using AI-powered solutions.

We have long been a leader in the technology industry, and our focus on AI-powered solutions is a testament to our commitment to innovation and customer success. We are well-positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for AI-powered solutions, and our participation in events like the AI Summit 2023 is an excellent way to showcase our capabilities and build new partnerships and relationships.

The AI Summit not only served as a platform for Exertis and our partners to showcase innovations, but it also brought together a diverse array of attendees, elevating the event’s significance. The presence of policymakers underscored the transformative potential of AI and the necessity for collaboration between industry, government, and academia to harness its benefits. The AI Summit’s ability to attract such influential individuals solidified its status as a premier event in the AI landscape, fostering crucial discussions and nurturing partnerships that will shape the future of AI innovation and implementation.

Our participation at the AI Summit proved to be a resounding success, offering thought-provoking discussions, impressive product showcases, and valuable networking opportunities. The event explored the potential of quantum computing in achieving Artificial General Intelligence and its application in the healthcare sector. The partnership between Exertis, NVIDIA, Supermicro and Intel demonstrated our collective dedication to advancing AI technology, featuring an array of impressive product offerings.

As the field of AI continues to evolve, events like the AI Summit pave the way for collaboration, innovation, and the realization of AI’s true potential. Exertis remains at the forefront of this journey, driving AI advancements, and actively shaping the future of the industry. Together, we forge ahead to unlock the limitless possibilities that AI holds for the world.

Exertis have a rich history with cutting edge technology and have been supplying enterprise solutions into the HPC vertical for some time now.  AI isn’t new to us either and through our close partnerships, we have been successful in supplying some of the largest pioneers of Artificial Intelligence. We understand that technology can sometimes be intimidating, which is why we have a team of HGX experts ready to assist you every step of the way. Our team of experts can provide you with a free demo of the HGX platform and offer you expert assistance to help you maximize the benefits of our technology offerings.

Key areas are:

Impartial consultancy that always focuses on the most “intelligent” solution
Exertis offer unbiased advice and guidance on the best AI solutions for your needs. We will work with you to understand your requirements and then recommend the most intelligent solution, regardless of the vendor.

Bespoke whitebox HGX appliances from key vendors with expertise in AI
Our Whitebox HGX offerings come custom built from key AI partners with expertise in AI. These appliances are designed to meet the specific needs of ML, DL and other AI workloads, and can offer the best performance and scalability.

A close relationship with Nvidia allows us to qualify the required workload, framework, SDK and appliance to fit the requirements
The long-standing partnership we have with Nvidia allows us to qualify the requirements for your specific needs. This ensures you get the best possible results for your applications.

200G Infiniband networking, soon to be 400G with the Quantum-2
200G Infiniband networking is an industry standard now but 400G Infiniband networking with the Quantum-2, will provide even higher performance and scalability to meet the needs of hungry AI apps

AI-centric Storage partners providing flexible & performant platforms
Exertis partner with industry leaders when it comes to storage who are often pioneering the latest technology. These platforms are tailored to meet the specific needs of AI workloads and are often commercially attractive whilst still providing the best growth margins with parallel fulfilment of data.

Professional services that cater for finance, installations and after care
We offer a range of professional services in-house and via our partner network that cater for all your installation needs and support on both hardware and software. This includes financing options from multiple outlets that can help spread the cost in these financially difficult times.