Having good Cyber Security protects your sensitive personal and corporate information

Leaving it unprotected can damage your reputation and productivity if obtained by malicious sources. Our Cyber Security solutions prevent these threats and stops hackers stealing information. With 30 years experience in cyber security, we've built an unrivalled portfolio with added-value services, and have accredited sales and technical teams that help hundreds of partners. We can scope, quote, deliver, install, manage, educate and more. However you need us, we can help.

Network Security

Network Security protects all systems, devices, users, applications and information, whilst ensuring everything runs efficiently. All organisations need this to keep up with evolving technology and to prevent cyber criminals from taking advantage of any vulnerability.

Endpoint and Mobile Security

Endpoint Security focuses on network entry points and end-user devices such as desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. It's a comprehensive security solution that protects your network from sophisticated malware and unseen zero-day threats.

Data Governance and Compliance

Data Governance identifies data ownership, responsibility, storage, and monitoring. You can gain accreditations to prove that your security infrastructure can defend against cyber attacks and data breaches. It also ensures a contingency plan is in place should a data breach occur.

Remote Access Security

The increase in connected devices means a flexible workforce in multiple locations. Remote Access Security is a strategy that looks at which solutions can best protect, monitor, and manage remote users working off-site from wherever they are.

Cloud Security

Cloud Confidence is knowing your customer’s business is in safe hands. Our Cloud Security Solutions use sophisticated measures to protect your customer’s business, minimise the risk of cyber-attacks, and help them to act fast if there’s a breach.

Disaster Recovery and Backup

Back Up simply the act of securing data both locally and remotely. Disaster Recovery on the other hand, is the restoration of that data in the event of any kind of disaster, large and small.

Management and Reporting

Management and Reporting solutions provide a comprehensive architecture for centrally managing security policies, providing real-time monitoring, and delivering compliance and usage reports.

Professional Services

We offer a complete package of Professional Services, from Pre-sales support, Installations, 24x7 365 Managed Services, Vendor Accredited Training and non SLA Post-sales Support.

Exertis JEM Portal

A self-serve and secure procurement platform that lets you scope, quote, customise, order, and manage your subscriptions and invoices.

  • Fixed, simple, recurring monthly costs for easier budgeting and cash flow
  • Flexible and scalable to meet customer needs and growing IT demands
  • Free access to some of the best and trusted security solutions

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