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How to choose the right Networking Solution

Computer networks typically have several server and PC nodes that allow devices to communicate. These are known as network devices, which include routers, switches, hubs, and bridges. These all use protocols, which define the way two entities communicate across the network.

A typical way you may use networking is communication. This can include email, instant messaging online chat, voice, video calls, and conferencing. A strong commination network will be designed to allow users to easily access and share resources, files, and data.

Choosing the right solution will very much depend on what you’re using it for. Networks used for connecting entire servers and storage will require high speed data paths. This would need a high bandwidth (10G to 400G) with low latency, advanced protocols and (SDN) capabilities. If campus networking, then you may need both wired and wireless and external connectivity. This typically provides1GbE connectivity to the users with 10/40G uplinks to the core. This offers capabilities such as stacking, power over ethernet (PoE), layer 2 and 3 protocol support.

Wireless Access Points (AP) are also common in campus network environments. These are connected to the switched/wired network and provide easy access to network services without the need for the end user device to connect to a network cable.

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