Whitebox Server Solutions

Servers are the foundation of any network and play a vital role in business

Whitebox Server Solutions helps create a server setup that drives digital transformation within your organisation. We support your server needs and deliver advice and expertise to find you the right solution.

Whitebox Server Solutions explained

Whitebox Server Solutions is when applications and software are used to deliver a service to users or other servers. The roles that this plays within your business can include:

  • File servers used to share access to documents
  • Web servers to host online content
  • Mail servers that handle communications
  • Database servers for sales order processing (SOP) and customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Print servers that allows multiple users to share a single printer

How our solutions benefit businesses

Servers can perform a variety of tasks to support any business and drive digital transformation. Businesses need to use digital technologies to create processes and the right culture to meet customer needs and market requirements. As businesses move to smart applications, they have the chance to reimagine how they do business beyond just sales and marketing. Thinking, planning, and building digitally by using solutions such as server-based computing, sets you up to be agile, flexible, and ready to grow.

Some of the core considerations are:


We work with you to understand the customer’s core requirement, vertical, and applications to make sure we’ve designed a system that is future proof.


We design highly-available systems, designed to tolerate component level failures and ensure service continuity for your business critical applications. Utilising hot-swappable components where possible, you are able to minimise downtime.


As well as using platinum rated power supplies, we deliver optimised solutions, design significantly to reduce power consumption and infrastructure cooling requirements in your datacentre.

Our specialised team can help you with business development pre-sales and post-sales. That means you have our expertise and extensive knowledge right there when you need it.

We have an experienced pre-sales team focused on applications and verticals. Partner with us and utilise our pre-sales consultancy, providing application-specific design services.

Partners can also take advantage of our integration services and engineering support, ranging from simple hardware integration through to complex rack level solutions.

Our dedicated QA department is there to streamline your deployment processes, eradicating early life failures and keeping your hardware solutions running with minimal disruption.

We provide customized onsite maintenance and support contracts with up to 4 hour same-day response, giving you and your customers the peace-of-mind to focus on your core infrastructure management

• ISO 9001:2008 accredited
• Manufacturer certified engineers
• CompTIA certified engineers
• Line and cell build capabilities
• Extensive burn-in testing
• Customer specific test procedures
• Project specific build documentation

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