Online Tools

Self-Serve 24/7

Manage your business with less resource using our online tools. Accounts are easy to set up and we’re there to help if you need us.

Buy online at the Exertis Store

We make trading online easy. It’s simple to set up and you can manage your account and see your order history 24/7.

Enjoy simplified Cloud billing

Our online service allows you to manage your customer solutions, and offers an easy-to-use billing platform. We’ve streamlined the process, so you only receive one consolidated invoice for all customers, cutting down on your admin time and overall costs.

Manage revenue with JEM portal

Exertis JEM is a simple self-serve procurement tool with a secure CRM, customisable quoting and ordering and billing. Manage your recurring revenue with no upfront cost, subscription scalability on-demand, and a wrap-around security service package for your customers.

Quote fast with Dell PowerQuote

PowerQuote for Dell EMC Servers produces fast and accurate quotations. With powerful performance and intuitive navigation, it gives your customers a fantastic service and delivers quotations with speed, pricing, accuracy, product information and relevant upgrades.