Hardware Acceleration

Most computer CPUs work much harder than other pieces of hardware

While some high-end computers can handle this, most need the support of other components in your system. This is where Hardware Acceleration comes into play.

How to benefit from Hardware Acceleration

Hardware Acceleration has traditionally been associated with offloading tasks from general purpose CPU to either GPU or FPGA accelerators. There are advantages and disadvantages with both, and which to choose will all depend on what type of application and workload you’re running. The emergence of solutions such as DPUs and IPUs, focused on accelerating specific workloads such as Machine Learning or Cryptography has further increased the efficiency and performance benefits vs traditional computing.

The benefits of Hardware Acceleration

We have the expertise and vendor partners to help you and your customers overcome the challenges of your accelerated environment. This includes from the datacentre right through to real-time decision making at the edge.

Our industry experience and in-house specialists help you make decisions. And our application-focused approach, means we understand customer environments. We utilize our Whitebox Server and SDS teams to design customised solutions for all your accelerated compute environments.

Our Hardware Acceleration Vendors