Edge Computing

By 2025, 75% of businesses will have enterprise data created and processed through Edge Computing

That’s why we help businesses prepare for the next generation of infrastructure with expert knowledge and solutions

Edge Computing explained

Edge Computing brings processing, analytics, and storage capabilities closer to the end user or data source. This eliminates the data journey, reducing latency and improving performance. This also means the server, storage, networking, connectivity, and application can operate autonomously.

As an example, a large retailer will have a head office datacentre, with smaller edge solutions in every shop. These will collect, analyse, and store much of the data locally, before sending only that which is needed back to the head office. This makes everything run more smoothly for the business.

The Benefits of Edge Computing

Better network performance

Reduced data latency

Cyber threat security

Cost-effective solutions

Our Edge portfolio

Accelerators and AI

The performance and AI capability needed for local analytics, from vision technology to data processing


New and creative Edge solutions, including SD-WAN, mmWave, IoT access networks and multi-access

HCI and Storage

We have solutions for HCI and storage that understand what’s needed when working from Edge to Cloud

Power and Enclosures

Minimising space and keeping data safe is critical at the Edge, where optimal solutions like mounts are needed


Cybersecurity, load balancing, 5G security and IPv6 migrations are all essential parts of an optimised Edge Infrastructure


Rugged servers with short depth and micro are all key parts of Edge Infrastructure

Why choose us for Edge Computing?

The next generation of decentralised computing is here, and we’ve the products and the knowledge to help you take advantage with solutions designed for your customers.

Edge Computing is used in lots of way, from the simple Remote Office Branch Office (RoBo) solution to dynamic broadcast environments where video images are transmitted live around the world.

We’ve spent years focusing on vertical industries and working with our vendors on use cases. We even support you by taking the edge solution to the customer and presenting on your behalf.

We’ve an expert understanding of verticals and the problems your customers face. We help your teams build their Edge knowledge, so they are even more skilled when working with customers. We’re always expanding our range of vendors to give you even more solutions to take to market. And we always keep our partners up to date when something new comes along.

Our Edge vendors