Enterprise Storage

As the data explosion continues, the need for storing, analysing, and monetising data is even more important for your business

With our solutions, you can store gigabytes to petabytes securely, and access the data anywhere quickly and efficiently. So you can scale your IT infrastructure to meet growing demand.

The importance of Storage

By 2025, 80% of worldwide data such as documents, videos, images, and audio files could be unstructured. To store this rapidly growing volume of data, solutions that combine file and object models into single unified systems will become dominant in enterprise.

All this is due to the growth of cloud-native applications, which consume and interact with object storage over S3 API, being deployed alongside traditional applications that access file system storage.

Cybersecurity is also growing, with storage vendors increasingly taking on the responsibility of ensuring the safety of a company’s data. Smarter storage will also increase, as businesses look to reduce the human factor of storage infrastructure management.

Why choose us for Storage?

We will work with you to design a storage solution that meets your IT challenges, to future-proof your business for tomorrow. With our experience and unmatched portfolio, we can deliver solutions into vertical markets using the latest technological advancements.


Our pre-sales delivers an application and vertical focused experience, with consultancy that provides application specific design services. We help you bring impactful IT solutions to your customers, whether it’s reducing wasteful spending or analysing opportunities for infrastructure expansion.in our demo suite or onsite.

We can consider all key performance factors such as disk IO, throughput, capacity, CPU, and memory utilization for both physical hosts and virtual machines. This helps us search for potential bottlenecks or hotspots that need to be engineered out of a new solution design.

Training and demo facilities

We support partners in sales and technical training, including hands-on sessions. We can also support you on specific customer opportunities either in our demo suite or onsite.

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