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Generative AI is changing the way organizations operate, offering unprecedented advantages in efficiency, creativity, and decision-making. Amidst this digital revolution, data sovereignty remains non-negotiable. On‑premise solutions allow organizations to leverage the full power of GenAI and Large Language Models without compromising data security and compliance.

While solutions like ChatGPT use vast, uncontrollable datasets and offer little, if any, privacy protection, on-premises Large Language Model (LLM) instances enable organizations to harness their own data’s potential without

  • data clutter from unknown sources
  • sacrificing security, and
  • violating privacy regulations.

But what exactly is an LLM instance? Essentially, it is a sophisticated deep learning AI model, designed to understand, interpret, and generate humanlike text. When deployed on-premises, it provides a secure environment in which an organization’s data can be processed, analysed, and explored while keeping all sensitive information within the organization’s control.

Another key advantage of on-premise deployment is its extreme level of customization and control. Organizations decide which data are utilized, ensuring relevance and accuracy. Outdated data can be removed and replaced at all times. And since AI solutions are containerized, individual departments within an organization can operate independent, sovereign LLM instances.

Data-driven enterprises outperform the rest – 79% of them exceed industry norms. To join these ranks, firms must strategically plan their transformation, discern optimal environments and technologies, and anticipate hurdles. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can support organizations in their sustainable transformation and spawn entirely new ventures.

AI, a major buzzword in recent technology discourse, has begun to substantiate the hype. From language models like ChatGPT to personalized healthcare services, AI applications are permeating daily life, with more advancements on the horizon. AI isn’t merely a new piece of infrastructure; it’s a catalyst that propels businesses forward, offering competitive edge, fostering innovative business models, and unlocking new markets. To make sure that AI serves as a sustainable asset rather than a fleeting trend, organizations should follow these strategic steps:

  • Identify the ideal use case: The challenge lies in pinpointing a genuine business problem that AI can solve, rather than deploying AI for its own sake.
  • Address the talent gap: Despite the abundance of open-source AI codes, businesses need the right experts to harness these solutions and adapt them to their specific needs. The ongoing quest for such specialists is a significant hurdle on the path to becoming data-driven.
  • Design the optimal IT infrastructure: Understanding the required infrastructure investments is vital when constructing a successful business case. Avoid overspending to prevent waste, but remember underinvestment can render the AI solution ineffective and potentially useless.

Adopting sustainable AI is a multifaceted process that demands the right expertise. At Fujitsu, we understand the necessary steps and are dedicated to supporting you through this transformative process. We have what it takes to make your AI journey a success:

  • Co-creation resources: We pair your vision with our strategy, using proven tools such as our Customer Experience Lab
    to define compelling business cases and craft IT strategies that secure competitive edges.
  • Expert talent from our ecosystem partners: Bridge talent gaps with our robust ecosystem partners, swiftly deploying
    up to 600 proficient professionals tailored to your needs.
  • DX Innovation Platform: Our platform offers hands-on ‘Test Drives’ to experiment with AI solutions, within a robust
    infrastructure. As a learning environment, the platform addresses the lack of skilled professionals in the field. It guides
    organizations in understanding the necessary infrastructure for implementing and experimenting with AI.

“ Thanks to Fujitsu methodology in the co-design workshops, our vision of an innovative, future-oriented, smart district has quickly taken shape.”

André Reichow, Head of the Office for Technical Services & Digitization, Uckermark District

“ The AI Test Drive from Fujitsu helped us to start with AI without spending a lot of money. After a test for free with hands on experience, we were able to determine the optimal infrastructure and additional transformation that was needed.”

IT Director, Global chemicals company

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