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Components Explained

An enterprise component varies depending on the storage media being used. HDD/SSD components for instance, are built to run in servers and storage devices that are operational 24/7.

Components such as CPUs, raid cards & HBAs, memory, frame, and carriers, all enable customers to connect, manage and store their data.

Enterprise components include Nearline / Capacity Enterprise HDD, Surveillance HDD, Enterprise NVMe SSD, Datacentre SATA SSD, Enterprise SAS SSD, Memory, CPU, Raid Controller, HBA, Frame & Carriers.

Choosing the right Component

You may think that SSD is always faster and smarter than HDD. But when it comes to enterprise, HDDs are just as often the component of choice. Technology has boosted the performance and capacity of HDDs, and they still cost less per gigabyte than SSDs.

Which you choose depends on what the drive is used for. HDD is still superior for write cycles, and SSD is best for instant retrieval of data. It also depends on your need for self-encryption and how many drives there will be (and the associated rotational vibrations).

RAID The right RAID solution will depend on what level you need and how much redundancy or performance you need from your setup. Some RAID levels use drives for redundancy, meaning they can’t be used for capacity. Whereas other RAID levels focus on performance but not on redundancy.

Memory As a rule, the more memory you have, the more items and actions the server can read, write, and execute. But you also need to consider whether your memory is dedicated or shared. And think about your operating system requirements, the number of users, and the size of the database.

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