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Embracing AI with APC and Schneider Electric

Is Your Data Centre AI-Ready?

The rapid rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has introduced both significant challenges and remarkable opportunities for data centers across various industries. AI demands substantial compute power, leading to high-power densities and fast data growth. This necessitates flexible and resilient IT infrastructures capable of adapting to AI advancements both in the cloud and at the edge.

APC IT Physical Infrastructure

APC™ offers a range of IT Physical infrastructure products integrated with Schneider Electric™ ecosystems, designed to meet the demands of AI applications efficiently. Whether you need a centralized data center or edge solutions, APC has the strategies to support your growing AI needs.

EcoStruxure Data Centre Solutions

Schneider Electric leverages AI across its EcoStruxure™ architecture and platform to enhance efficiency and sustainability in buildings, data centers, infrastructure, and industry. EcoStruxure Data Centre Solutions bring together power, cooling, racks and management systems to support deployment of IT equipment in all environments from small Edge applications to large Cloud data centres.

EcoStruxure Micro Data Centre

Single rack enclosure solutions

Full critical infrastructure solutions in a single enclosure that provide the reliability, resiliency and security of a traditional data centre for a variety of Edge environments.

EcoStruxure Row Data Centre

Configurable single row solutions

Pre-engineered, yet highly configurable and scalable row solutions encompassing racks, power, cooling and management systems.

EcoStruxure Pod Data Centre

Flexible pod-based solutions

Flexible rack-ready pod system, which supports critical infrastructure and containment, designed to deploy IT at scale in increments of 8 to 12 racks.

EcoStruxure Modular Data Centre

Prefabricated modular solutions

Prefabricated and pretested solutions that can be delivered as functional building blocks of power, IT or all-in-one data centres.

  • Data Centers: AI is utilized for smart cooling, predictive analytics, and live sensor data to enhance efficiency and reliability.
  • Industry: AI manages critical quality parameters, stock, automated visual inspection, and industrial safety.
  • Buildings: AI enhances HVAC, thermal models, electrical load management, and building automation.
  • Infrastructure: AI aids in predictive maintenance and anomaly detection to ensure resilience.
  • Microgrids and Renewables: AI helps manage electrical demand and supply, empowering efficient energy management.
  • Blackstone Group: Utilized EcoStruxure Resource Advisor to achieve significant energy savings and reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Oil and Gas Company: Improved production and reduced energy consumption using EcoStruxure Autonomous Production Advisor.

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