Exertis Enterprise & NVIDIA

Close working relationship with NVIDIA

Close working relationship with NVIDIA
25 years of partnership with NVIDIA has enable us to offer direct access to innovative technology to our customers. Whether through Nvidia direct or via a partner, we have supplied many solutions into HPC and are now focusing heavily on AI with NVIDIA

New dedicated AI centre of excellence team within Exerits
Purpose built performance lab where demonstrations, hands-on and other learning experiences can be held with our experts in person and accessed remotely.

Utilizing market leading expertise from NVIDIA to enable the “art of the possible” in AI
Industry specialists come together with imagineers to consult over the best solution viable

NVIDIA AI Enterprise

The End-to-End Platform for Building Accelerated Production AI

Leading manufacturers supply the building blocks for our AI solutions which are wrapped up in award winning services & support and fully supported by NVIDIA who are a pioneer in AI technology

Generative AI

Natural Language Processing

Avatar Engines

Neural networks

Augmented/virtual reality enhancements


Deep Learning

Engineering, Production & Pre-processing

Industry and Retail

Audio & visual

Robotics, Simulation & Autonomy

Medical imaging & diagnosis

AI Enterprise Solutions

Whitebox HGX

Exertis is excited to offer the latest Supermicro GPU servers featuring the NVIDIA HGX H100 8-GPU system, optimized for AI, DL, ML, and HPC workloads

NVIDIA certified HGX

NVIDIA certified HGX reference architectures designed from ground up for AI performance. The NVIDIA HGX H100 8-GPU system is the key building block for AI, DL, ML & HPC operations. The reference architectures offer complete rack-scale liquid-cooling options, ensuring maximum performance and reliability for your most demanding workloads. Choose Supermicro or Dell GPU servers with NVIDIA certified HGX reference architectures for the ultimate in AI and HPC performance

NVIDIA Networking

Quantum-2 quick product highlight NVIDIA Quantum-2 is the seventh generation of NVIDIA InfiniBand architecture that offers faster interconnects and improved intelligence to enable high-performance computing, AI, and hyperscale infrastructures to run simulations with greater speed and efficiency High importance of high speed 200/400 bandwidth between nodes for AI scaling 200/400 G networking for AI is significant as it enables faster interconnects, improved intelligence, and higher performance computing. This can lead to faster training, inference, and simulation times, ultimately improving the efficiency and effectiveness of AI systems


HW & SW Agnostic, solution choice around AI workload By using agnostic hardware and software, organizations can avoid vendor lock-in, enabling them to choose the best hardware and software for their needs. This approach can also help organizations save costs by avoiding the need to purchase expensive specialized hardware and software in AI

AI partners

Complete solution financing options to enable procurement to suit your business need
Exertis, a leading distributor of technology products and services, understands that financing options are crucial for businesses looking to invest in new technology solutions. To help businesses meet their procurement needs, Exertis offers a range of complete solution financing options that are tailored to suit different business requirements.

Support overview
Exertis offers comprehensive professional services that benefit customers at every stage of their technology journey. The company also offers engineering and pre-configuration services and white-label services across their product portfolio. White-label services include vendor-accredited consultancy, full documentation, and end-user sign-off [1]. Exertis’ ISO 27001-accredited services provide tailored support from pre-sales to post-sales and help businesses grow

AI Solution Enquiries

We understand that technology can sometimes be intimidating, which is why we have a team of HGX experts ready to assist you every step of the way.