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WD Purple™ is a specialized line of high-performance, surveillance-grade hard drives designed to meet the unique storage requirements of modern security systems. Tailored for 24/7, always-on surveillance applications, these drives deliver exceptional reliability and durability. Their advanced AllFrame™ technology ensures smooth video capture and playback, reducing frame loss and maintaining data integrity. With capacities ranging from a few terabytes to multiple petabytes, WD Purple drives can accommodate both small-scale home security setups and large-scale commercial installations. These purpose-built storage solutions offer the peace of mind necessary for effective video surveillance, making them an indispensable component in safeguarding critical assets and enhancing safety.

Why WD Purple™

WD Purple products are tailored specifically to the needs of the Smart Video and Surveillance market where continuous operation and durability are key. Consumer grade products are not typically designed for constant usage in demanding conditions and usage in these surveillance applications may invalidate your warranty terms. With optimized firmware and features like AllFrame technology, Western Digital® Device Analytics and Card Health Monitoring, you can rest-assured that your products are fit for purpose.



Smart Cities


Smart Factories

All WD Purple drives are equipped with Western Digital’s AllFrame technology. Stream detection, caching, management and intelligent data placement drives deep-learning analytics while reducing frame-rate drops and improving video recording and playback.

WD Purple® products are tailored specifically to the needs of the Smart Video and Surveillance market where continuous operation and durability are key. 

WD Purple Mainstream Surveillance

The cornerstone of the WD Purple family and powering countless systems around the world, our WD Purple® are available in up to 8TB capacity and offer a viable mainstream solution that’s built for purpose to accommodate the requirement of up to 64 Cameras in Digital Video Records (DVRs) or Networked Video Recorders (NVRs).

WD Purple Pro – Enterprise Grade for AI-enabled

The WD Purple™ Pro HDD, with OptiNAND™ technology in 22TB , delivers massive capacity in a drive engineered for advanced, AI-enabled, always-on smart video recorders, appliances, and servers.

Western Digital Device Analytics (WDDA™)

WDDA is a device analytics capability supported by Western Digital’s line of surveillance-optimized storage products. WDDA enables administrators using compatible systems to proactively manage storage to and to maintain optimal performance to pre-empt unexpected failure.

WD Purple stands as a cornerstone in the world of surveillance storage solutions. These drives are more than just hardware; they represent a commitment to reliability, endurance, and innovation, essential in safeguarding our digital age. By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology with the specific demands of surveillance systems, WD Purple ensures that vital video footage is captured, stored, and retrieved with unmatched precision and efficiency. Whether protecting homes or securing commercial spaces, the WD Purple series offers the peace of mind that comes from a trusted, purpose-built solution. In an era where surveillance is paramount, WD Purple is the rock-solid foundation upon which safety and security depend.

WD Purple™ microSD™ cards

microSD™ cards can be used either as primary storage or backup in the case of network failure. Unlike our consumer cards, WD Purple microSDs are designed specifically for use in Surveillance environments.

Resellers should choose Exertis Enterprise as their preferred source for WD Purple products for several compelling reasons. Exertis Enterprise has established itself as a trusted distributor with a proven track record of reliability and customer support. They offer an extensive range of WD Purple drives, ensuring resellers have access to a wide variety of storage capacities to meet diverse client needs. Additionally, Exertis Enterprise’s value-added services, such as technical support and tailored solutions, empower resellers to offer comprehensive surveillance storage solutions to their customers. With competitive pricing, rapid shipping, and a reputation for excellence, partnering with Exertis Enterprise is the smart choice for resellers in the surveillance industry.

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