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Maximizing DDR5 server and workstation performance

Micron is spearheading the evolution of data centers, ushering in the future of technology with their groundbreaking DDR5 SDRAM—a gateway to the data center of tomorrow, available today! In an ever-evolving digital landscape, the demand for faster, more efficient memory solutions amplifies, and Micron steps up to meet this challenge head-on. With the introduction of DDR5 technology, Micron reshapes the landscape of data processing, setting new standards in speed, scalability, and reliability.

Relieve the bandwidth-per-core crunch to pull peak computing performance

At the heart of this revolution is Micron’s DDR5 SDRAM, a monumental leap forward from its predecessor DDR4, offering an astounding up to 2x increase in memory bandwidth. This enhancement is critical in meeting the escalating demands of CPU cores, paving the way for unparalleled performance in modern data centers. Micron’s innovative approach isn’t just about higher capacities; it’s about delivering scalable memory solutions tailored to the evolving needs of data-intensive applications.

The Micron DDR5 RDIMM lineup, available in configurations ranging from 32GB to 128GB, stands as a testament to this innovation. It’s more than just an increase in capacity; it’s a commitment to providing adaptability and scalability that aligns with the dynamic nature of modern data processing requirements. These configurations offer flexibility and reliability, ensuring seamless operations even in the most data-intensive environments.

• Increase performance by up to 85% over DDR41
• Introducing speeds of 5,600MT/s6
• New higher RDIMM density of 96GB
• Optimized for the latest Intel® and AMD® server and workstation platforms
• 3-year limited warranty3
• 100% component and module tested
• Operating voltage reduced from DDR4’s 1.2V to 1.1V
• Manufactured by Micron®
• Available in RDIMM, ECC UDIMM and ECC SODIMM6

What sets Micron DDR5 apart is its ability to scale overall bandwidth, reaching unprecedented DDR5 speeds of up to 8000 MT/s. This substantial leap in bandwidth capacity marks a monumental shift from DDR4, setting new benchmarks for data transfer rates and significantly amplifying system performance. The DDR5’s prowess isn’t confined to the present; it’s forward-thinking and future-ready. Micron’s roadmap includes plans to introduce 32Gb-based densities, promising expanded capabilities for even more demanding computational tasks.

This isn’t merely an upgrade; it’s a transformative leap forward in data processing technology. Micron DDR5 isn’t just meeting the demands of high-performance computing today; it’s anticipated to address the ever-evolving needs of tomorrow’s data-centric world. Micron’s commitment to innovation doesn’t stop at offering groundbreaking technology. Their Sales Network serves as a gateway for customers to explore and experience the unparalleled performance, scalability, and efficiency of Micron DDR5 firsthand.

Join our Sales Network to immerse yourself in the transformative power of Micron DDR5—a technology that’s not just shaping the future but is already reshaping the data center of tomorrow, today! Experience the next level of data processing and witness firsthand how Micron is setting the stage for the future of high-performance computing.

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  1. Under memory-intensive workloads, DDR5 is designed to deliver 1.87x the bandwidth of DDR4 as a result of double the burst length, double the banks and bank groups, and significantly higher speed, as established by JEDEC, an independent organization that develops open standards for the microelectronics industry.
  2. DDR5 launch data rate of 4,800MT/s transfers 1.5x (50%) more data than the maximum standard DDR4 data rate of 3,200MT/s. JEDEC projected speeds of 8,800MT/s are 2.75x faster than DDR4’s maximum standard data rate of 3,200MT/s.
  3. Warranty valid for 3 years from the original date of purchase.
  4. Based on “Status of the Memory Industry 2021,” Yole Développement, June 14, 2021.
  5. On DDR4 server memory, power management was on the motherboard instead of the module, powering empty slots as well as those in use.
  6. 5,600MT/s modules available in RDIMM only.

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