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From smart personal devices to intelligent hyperscale clouds, vast amounts of data created every instant are fundamentally enriching our world. This is the Datasphere, an ever-expanding dimension of living data that holds the key to unlocking humanity’s full potential— but only if it can be stored, accessed, and activated at scale.


With the KIOXIA solid state drive portfolio, KIOXIA provides optimal SSD product of Datacentre SSDs and Enterprise SSDs. Whether you are building a new high performance gaming desktop or seeking a quick and easy upgrade for your notebook PC, KIOXIA offers a SATA or NVMe™ solid state drive that meets your demands. Delivering reliable, quality storage, there is an SSD available in the capacity and performance level you need.


Micron memory and storage is the foundation for greater performance from client, mobile, intelligent edge, and data centre domains. The volume, variety and velocity with which we generate new data today is unparalleled. Micron understands the importance of providing the right capacity of SSDs and memory to manage today’s demanding workloads. Feed data-hungry, real-time-processing applications faster than before.


Data management and storage utilization are key considerations for Enterprise IT. Toshiba Enterprise Capacity HDDs come in a range of capacities to help enterprises right-size their data storage infrastructure and protect their valuable digital assets.

Western Digital

Fast and durable, internal solid state drives (SSDs) can help you quickly access your data, whether you’re working, gaming, or streaming content. Internal hard disk drives (HDDs) offer a cost-effective way to store large files and heavy-duty data for work, entertainment, and smart home video systems.