SASE in a work-from-anywhere world

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How VMware’s SASE platform can add agility to any business

The last year has seen unprecedented change. Seemingly overnight, workers had to drop their usual in-office working environments and adapt to working remotely. Now that many are considering their return to offices, businesses have a unique opportunity to become more agile. While some workplaces will opt for a full return to on-site work, many will grant workers the flexibility to work partly or entirely from home. This new fluidity is made possible by innovative technology that upkeeps worker productivity and effectiveness no matter where they work. That’s where VMware’s new SASE platform comes in.

Remote Solutions

VMware’s SASE platform gives businesses the power to control their security. By combining industry-leading cloud networking and security, we’re able to deliver flexibility and agility for businesses of any size. These outcomes are specifically important for the post-Covid world of working. With employees working from multiple locations, it can be difficult to ensure everyone has the same level of security coverage. Remote working setups may not be as security efficient as those in office, and on-site IT administrators are less readily available to those working from home.

VMware’s SASE platform was designed with these scenarios in mind. The VMware SASE platform provides consistently secure, reliable, and optimised access to traditional and new applications for all users through a network of worldwide, managed service nodes. It combines the best of VMware SD-WAN and VMware ONE into a single, cloud hosted offer that provides equal and consistent coverage for those working in the office and remotely.

Business Benefit

VMware’s new SASE platform has the capability to transform remote working. It allows businesses to provide a branch-like experience to remote workers, by removing the need for installing and managing the Workspace ONE unified access gateway component. It also ensures business-critical applications remain secure when moving onto the cloud, without relying on a traditional VPN. Ultimately, this improves IT efficiency and gives remote workers an enhanced experience, as they benefit from optimised traffic handling, lower latency and better performance and resiliency.
Providing solutions to potential access issues gives remote workers the confidence to work proactively and spend more time focusing on their work, reassured that their access is secure, managed, and efficient. This, in turn, supports business flexibility, agility, and resilience.

As life begins to ease into a new sense of normalcy, businesses have the chance to grant themselves – and their employees – more flexibility, agility, and resiliency. Enabling people to work in a way that is most convenient to them can drive motivation and, ultimately, productivity. And with VMware’s SASE platform, there are no barriers between employees and the security they need to work efficiently.

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