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How edge computing is bringing new opportunities to the IT channel

Edge computing is changing the way we work and interact with data. Many who have previously relied on storage methods such as cloud are switching to this new, closer-to-home way of managing their data. Even in its early stages, edge has already caused changes across the board for anyone who deals in technology. Jason Chibnall, Managing Director of Exertis Enterprise shares his view on what the shift to edge could mean for the IT channel, and what opportunities lie in the world of edge.

Shifting to edge

For the IT channel, the new adoption of the edge will cause some significant changes. For Jason Chibnall, edge computing is thought to be one of the major evolutions in both infrastructure and operating technology for the next decade to come. The enablement of ultra-low latency performance of less than 10 milliseconds, coupled with a 5G network means that cloud computing can now come directly to your location. Wherever that may be.

Across the board, market predictions are all showing a level of growth that promises exciting developments. And this is technology that offers real human benefits – not just the acceleration of IT infrastructure. We are still in the early stages of what we can expect to be a long-term transformation of how solutions are deployed. And there are still economics and opportunities that are waiting to be fully understood.

The benefits of edge

The introduction of edge is allowing users to manage their data in unheard-of ways. Traditional cloud and on-premises storage are limited in what they can offer users. By transforming these into near to home and point of creation solutions, users are able to open new opportunities for insights and applications that are freshly inspired by this new way of working, or would have been previously barred by cost inefficiency.

Smart Cities and the growth of IoT are just two examples of edge-based projects that turn low level input output devices into highly intelligent technology. All while adding significant value. In the case of Smart Cities, this can be achieved through the innovation of discrete lamp-post mounted systems that already have the electricity available for installation, and a mounting point for a 5G aerial. The system can then be linked to traffic sensors for faster traffic light rephrasing, reducing traffic standing time and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as receiving CCTV video images of the whole city. Not only this, but these systems can also analyse typical behaviour, and quickly identify unusual behaviours, which may help to reduce crime.

Partner opportunities in edge

For our channel partners, there is room for significant new opportunities with edge computing. Partners who previously missed out on selling, deploying, and managing the infrastructure for core datacentre workloads to the cloud can now add real value for their customers as edge becomes the part of the overall infrastructure to collect, analyse, and process more data. For those partners willing to seize and take advantage of the new paradigm, the potential of edge is endless. And compared to previous moves to SaaS and IaaS, the shift to edge is less impactful to the structure and doesn’t run the risk of break-even months or years downstream, as the former have.

As edge computing continues to grow and make waves in the technology sphere, opportunities are plenty for those willing to take them. The main area to watch in this regard is the operating technology channel, which has endless potential for everyone from property developers to CCTV installers.

At Exertis Enterprise, we have been working with our extensive vendor base, which is perfectly placed to help realise the benefits of edge computing. Our aim is to help our customers regain profit streams which may have been impacted by organisations moving their workloads to the cloud and introduce them to the growing opportunities edge computing can bring.

For more information on edge computing, contact a member of our Exertis Enterprise team at info@exertisenterprise.com.