Benefits for Healthcare Providers with SD-WAN by VMware

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Amidst a global pandemic, the need for many healthcare facilities to move their staff remote grew exponentially and suddenly. The best solutions for doing this efficiently were those that ensured a fast turn-around, so work could continue as quickly and productively as possible, while keeping staff and patients safe. At Exertis, we work closely with some of the vendors that made these life-saving solutions possible, including VMware’s industry-leading SD-WAN software. Today, SD-WAN and VMware continue to bring valuable benefits to the healthcare sector through their game-changing technology.

Streamlining the diagnostic process

MD Anderson is an extension of the University of Texas, specialising in cancer research and treatment. In 2020, the pandemic put them into a position wherein they needed to provide extra protection for vulnerable patients, while ensuring their workload didn’t suffer.

Radiology scans are large and need to be transmitted accurately. And just one glitch in the system would mean the process would need to restart, which would create unnecessary delays for patients. But with VMware’s SD-WAN technology, scans were able to be transmitted more efficiently, meaning more of them could be taken, and the diagnostic process could be streamlined and quickened.

Automation in the cloud

New site launches are infamously time-consuming. However, with SD-WAN, automation and visibility for satellite offices can be quickly and efficiently deployed. Remote workers can also easily download the software themselves, automatically connecting to VMware’s SD-WAN Orchestrator. This cloud-based central management tool allows network managers to troubleshoot devices without having to physically travel to other locations, which can be costly and inefficient time-wise. These simple solutions allow less time for setup and troubleshooting, which naturally takes less time away from critical work.

Accessibility booster

Individually who are medically or socially vulnerable may find it difficult to attend in-person appointments. Where this may be an unnecessary journey, remote access to healthcare services can be a viable option with SD-WAN. This may also mean that individuals who don’t have ready access to services are more likely to participate, since they no longer need to worry about distance – so long as they have a device to connect through.

Having remote options will also benefit healthcare employees, allowing for more flexibility in their work day. SD-WAN provides the ability to seamlessly collaborate remotely, which is imperative for improving patient care.

For more information on how VMware’s SD-WAN technology can benefit several sectors, contact a member of our team.

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