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Give your business a boost with our top Huawei product picks

The landscape of technology is changing all the time. Equipping your business with the best tech is the key to staying ahead of the curve and maintaining a competitive edge. Whatever your sector or specific requirements, Huawei offer a solution that places your business exactly where it needs to be to succeed. With such an extensive range of products and services, we’ve picked out just a few Huawei solutions we think are an essential for any business looking for that extra boost.


Designed with collaboration in mind, the Huawei IdeaHub is revolutionising the way we present, teach, and discuss. This 3-in-1 whiteboard, projector, and online meeting facilitator solves issues presented by schools and offices using both outdated whiteboards that can’t store data, and projectors with complicated cable connections and dim screens. This intelligent collaboration device is an industry first that allows users to effortless turn any environment from the boardroom to the classroom into a smart space. Features such as anti-blue light protection, HD wireless projection, intelligent handwriting and video conferencing make the IdeaHub the perfect tool to open up opportunities in the rapidly growing world of digital working and learning to any business.

SmartLi UPS

The ideal solution for enterprises migrating from lead-acid to lithium-ion batteries. Huawei’s SmartLi UPS battery power system offers businesses a simple and worry-free approach to migration. Battery replacement can be done in just 10 minutes, and the unique active current-sharing technology supports the simultaneous use of old and new batteries. This system boasts reliability with a modular redundant design to ensure no single point of failure. And with a longer service life the SmartLi UPS doesn’t need to be replaced for 10 years, making it as cost-efficient as it is reliable. On top of all these benefits, the SmartLi UPS can also help your business stay green, with a 50% reduction in physical footprint, and an industry-leading 97% efficiency.

All-Flash storage solutions

Data has become massively important for our day-to-day lives, both personally, and within business. From mobile banking, to stock exchanges, to purchases with credit cards, everything we do is dictated by data. It’s more important than ever to consider how your business stores and manages its data. To a business, data is the driving force behind decision-making. It lets administrators set aside ‘guessing’, and make informed, statistic-proven choices that can build and grow your business. Huawei’s All-Flash solutions deliver cost-effective, reliable, and high-performance data storage that makes using and managing data easier, giving you all the tools you need to form the winning business strategy that boosts your business to the next level.

When it comes to business-boosting tech solutions, Huawei’s offering is unmatched. Whether you’re looking to upgrade the way you present and collaborate, want to migrate your power supply, or need to optimise your data storage, our range of Huawei products has the perfect solution for your business and its requirements.

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