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Introducing you to the Storage Solution provider that’s carving out a new era

KIOXIA is a leading provider of progressive memory technology, offering products, services, and systems that define the future. Over the past few decades, this European-based innovator has changed its name. But its reliability, product range, and the quality of its products and services has always remained the same. And that’s not changing any time soon.

Built for the future

KIOXIA’s broad product range makes them uniquely placed to offer their customers solutions that can completely transform the way they store data. This is achieved through a broad range of storage applications for business memory and personal storage, such as:

  • SSDs for Enterprise, Datacentre, and Client
  • Embedded flash solutions for Automotive, Mobile, Consumer, and Industrial
  • Retail SSDs, SD/microSD cards, and USB flash drives

Back in the day, KIOXIA were responsible for the invention of NAND flash memory and was the world’s first to start mass producing it. Today, KIOXIA remains a leader in storage and being future facing, with its BiCS FLASH 3D technology that has become essential for almost all tech that requires data storage.

From storage heroes of the past to leaders of the future, KIOXIA is carving out a new era through advanced memory solutions designed to enrich people’s lives. And with high quality and performance, and large capacity, KIOXIA products are built to match the increasing demands of the tech industry.

KIOXIA and Exertis Enterprise

Our Enterprise services have been cultivated over the last 30 years. And in that time, our goal has remained consistent. We aim to give our customers solutions to boost their business’s confidence, agility, and give them a competitive edge. We work with customers across all growing markets, including Mobile, Edge, and Datacentre.

Working with KIOXIA, we’re able to offer these customers leading memory technology, paired with our own specialist consultancy. Together, we work to develop transformational, best-placed solutions for our customers that add value for end-users.

Experience KIOXIA in a new way

This year, KIOXIA is tackling restrictions on in-person events with its innovative virtual tradeshow. In just a click, users are transported to a detailed and high-tech tradeshow complete with booths, interactive videos, and smooth navigation. This online experience offers views into eight different areas for users to explore. The best part is that the entire setup is completely interactive. This virtual booth offers insight into KIOXIA’s range across three key innovative zones

  • High-end, NAND based memory products
  • SSDs, Enterprise, Datacentres, and Clients
  • World’s first U.3 PCIe new generation for NVME SSDs for Datacentres and Enterprise

This virtual event gives customers the opportunity to explore KIOXIA and its products in an interactive environment, aided by videos and information pages that pop up with just a click. Customers not only have easy access to KIOXIA’s product ranges, but can learn about them in an environment that matches the innovation and future-forwardness KIOXIA have displayed since their origin.

Over the last few decades, KIOXIA has developed on the principles of looking to the future, and creating solutions that change the way customers use and store their data. Their virtual tradeshow is the perfect example of how KIOXIA are using and developing technology to shape the future.