New Year New Tech with APC

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From APC comes a reliable, affordable, and easy to use series of racks and accessories from a trusted brand. These racks are easy to choose, install, and accessorize with APC accessories and are available in a variety of sizes that allows this series scalability for IT deployments from network closets to data centres.

Fast Deployment

  • Fully assembled, also option as flatpack unassembled
  • Key features for fast deployment
  • APC solution compatibility 


  • Several heights, widths, depths and with and without sides for any IT application
  • Standardise on a single platform from the edge to data centre
  • Base building block of data centre and micro data centre solutions

Easy Rack for data centre

As the main carrier of IT equipment, the rack is the cornerstone of the data centre, based on the current IT market server and network application trends Easy Rack offers a wide variety of IT rack designs suitable for any IT application server, network, storage, and converged IT.

Easy Rack at the Edge

APC Easy Rack provide a variety of configurations to meet the high security, cost-effective, and rapid deployment requirements of edge systems. 24U and 800mm deep form factors make these racks suitable for smaller spaces often out at the edge of networks.

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APC Easy Rack 42U Freestanding rack Black

APC NetShelter SX 42U 750mm Wide x 1200mm Deep Enclosure Freestanding rack Black

APC Easy Rack 24U Freestanding rack Black