Micron® 9400 NVMe™ SSD

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Introducing the Micron 9400 SSD, the latest addition to the world of high-performance storage devices. Boasting lightning-fast speeds and impressive durability, this cutting-edge solid-state drive is poised to revolutionize the way we store and access data. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, gamer, or creative professional, the Micron 9400 SSD is sure to impress.

Key benefits

  • Class-leading data center performance of up to 2.3x in real-world, mixed workload applications1
  • 6x9s read latency leads the industry by as much as 3.2x2
  • Capacities from 6.4TB up to a class-leading 30.72TB3

Best for:

  • Artificial intelligence/machine learning
  • High-performance computing
  • Content delivery networks
  • Massive high-speed OLTP


  • Power loss protection
  • Enterprise data path protection
  • Firmware activated without reset
  • Secure boot
  • Secure firmware download
  • Hardware root of trust, secure signed firmware
  • TRIM support with garbage collection
  • 5-year limited warranty4


  • Industry fastest sequential read/write performance by 66%5 up to 7GB/s
  • Industry fastest random read/write performance up to 1.6M IOPS6
  • Improves power efficiency up to 77%5
  • Delivers PCIe® 4.0 NVMe server storage
  • Built on Micron’s world-leading 176-layer NAND6

Product overview

The Micron® 9400 SSD sets a new performance benchmark for data center PCIe Gen4 storage. Decades of experience have led to a server SSD that packs in over 30TB3 of usable capacity, outperforms competitors up to 2.3x in mixed workloads1,2 and improves power efficiency up to 77%5. There can be no concessions for performance-critical workloads. For these applications, fast ingest alone is not enough — responding in microseconds delivers a true competitive advantage.

Data center performance without compromise

Optimized for a wide variety of performance-critical workloads — caching, content delivery, block and object stores, and training/caching for AI — the Micron 9400 SSD can consistently read and write at 7GB per second for sequential data. In fact, the 9400 SSD sequential writes speed leads the industry by 66%1. At the same time, its random read and write performance of up to 1.6M IOPS is also the industry fastest1. No other product in its class can deliver mixed-use optimal performance on both sequential/random and both read/write like this.

Deliver rapid and consistent responsiveness

The Micron 9400 SSD is optimized for mission-critical, strenuous data center workloads that require strong mixed performance and massive capacity. It also delivers results for massive high-speed OLTP. Workloads range from content delivery networks (caching) to AI/ML and performance-focused databases that thrive on extreme IOPS and low, consistent 6x9s (six-nines)1 read latency. The Micron 9400 SSD produces mixed workload performance that is up to 2.3x greater2 than the other leading brands while also improving 6x9s read latency by as much as 3.2x1. For these applications, fast ingest alone isn’t enough: responding in microseconds delivers a competitive advantage.

Big capacities for big data

The Micron 9400 SSD brings the storage density that data centers and workloads demand. It offers more than 30TB3 maximum capacity, twice the maximum capacity of our prior generation SSD. Increased capacity per SSD simplifies storage of your data assets by using half as many servers to help reclaim valuable rack space (and reduce maintenance costs).

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Note: All values provided are for reference only and are not warranted values. For warranty information, visit https://www.micron.com/support/sales-support/returns-and-warranties/enterprise-ssd-warranty or contact your Micron sales representative. Values represent the theoretical maximum endurance for the given transfer size and type. The endurance will vary by workload. Performance values measured at 25 watts.

1Comparisons are made based on other leading PCIe Gen4 Data Center U.2/U.3 NVMe SSDs based on data center market share as noted in the http://forward-insights.com/reportslist.html and available on the open market at the time of this document’s initial publication. 1GB = 1 billion bytes, formatted capacity is less.
2Performance measured using 7.68TB SSDs at queue depth (QD) = 256 with FIO (additional details on FIO are available here: https://fio.readthedocs.io/en/latest/).
33. 30.72TB capacity is the largest option. User capacity: 1GB = 1 billion bytes; formatted capacity is less.
4Warranty valid for 5 years from the original date of purchase or before writing the maximum total bytes written (TBW) as published in the product datasheet and as measured in the product’s SMART data, whichever comes first.
577% efficiency improvement is vs the Micron 9300 SSD. Efficiency is defined as performance per watt.
6Additional information available here: http://www.micron.com/176
7Performance measured under the following conditions: Steady-state as defined by SNIA Solid State Storage Performance Test Specification Enterprise v1.1; Drive write cache enabled; NVMe power state 0; Sequential workloads measured using FIO with a 128K IO size and a queue depth of 32; Random read workloads measured using FIO with a 4K IO size and queue depth of 256; Random write workloads measured using FIO with a 4K IO size and a queue depth of 128.
8Latency values measured with random workloads using FIO, 4KB transfers, queue depth = 1; Typical latency = median, 50th percentile