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Arcserve OneXafe

Immutable Network-Attached Storage for You Unstructured Data and Backup Targets

Scale-out storage reimagined. Immutable. Easy. Protected. Cost-effective. No forklift upgrades. No costly expansion.

Immutable Storage for Ransomware Protection

OneXafe is a native immutable store for backup and unstructured data. By providing a logical airgap, OneXafe guarantees data availability and restorability under any circumstance. Ransomware attacks can encrypt files and cause irreparable damage, but with an immutable store, customers can retrieve an unaltered copy of their data. This logical air gapping fills the last ‘1’ in the ‘3-2-1-1’ strategy, while offering object-level and snapshot-level immutability, with snapshot granularity as low as 90-seconds. Continuous data protection with point-in-time recovery, allows customers to bring back an entire file system within minutes.

Backup and Archive Target

OneXafe serves as an excellent backup target with scale-out storage for data protection solutions like Arcserve UDP, Veeam Backup & Recovery, Commvault, Veritas NetBackup & others. For solutions that need deep data reduction, OneXafe’s inline variable-length dedupe delivers maximum data reduction ratios. With OneXafe’s native immutability, customers can be assured that a ‘golden’ copy of their backup is always available for restore. A WAN-optimized replication enables secondary or tertiary backups copies, stored offsite for safe store.

File Server Consolidation & Unstructured Data Store

OneXafe is designed to meet performance and manageability needs of unstructured data. Customers can seamlessly create NFS or SMB shares to satisfy a variety of accessibility requirements, with the ease of accessing them via commonly used protocols. OneXafe, as a virtue of its storage architecture frees up virtual server resources, including expensive virtual storage infrastructure, allowing these virtual resources to be used elsewhere. OneXafe helps eliminating NAS silos by consolidating storage and offering scale-out storage for expanding environments with extended capabilities to support DR use cases.

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Arcserve SaaS Backup

Cloud-Native SaaS Application Data Protection. Protect SaaS application data from ransomware attacks.

SaaS Application Data Protection is the Users Responsibility

SaaS vendors operate on a shared responsibility model, which means obligations are shared between the vendor and the customer, on aspects relating to security & others. SaaS vendors own the cloud infrastructure stack and all primary components that make up the service such as, physical infra, network controls, operating system that hosts the application, controls for the application offered as a service, hardware components and others. However, ‘data’, the critical component that powers the business and central to the service’s relevance is the organization’s responsibility.  Responsibility includes accountability for data stored, classification of data, managing compliance requirements, securing, and protecting data, apart from other obligations required of data owners.

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Complete Protection for SaaS Data

Arcserve SaaS Backup offers complete protection for data stored in Microsoft 365, Microsoft 365 Azure AD, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, and Google Workspace.

  • A simple setup that takes under 5 minutes, prior to starting protection
  • Broadest coverage for the most popular SaaS applications
  • A single pane of glass, with Multi-Tenant and Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC)
  • Immutable backups, using a blockchain-based algorithm, for ransomware resilience
  • Secure by design with data in-transit and at-rest, encrypted
  • 30-day delete retention to protect from inadvertent deletions or ransomware attacks
  • Guaranteed data sovereignty with 4 copies of backups stored in 2 different data centers within the same region.
  • Automatic application updates without stopping active jobs
Microsoft 365Free! Microsoft 365 Azure AD*Microsoft Dynamics 365SalesforceGoogle Workspace
Full Coverage for:
Exchange Online
Teams & Groups
Public Folders

Phone & Email

Owners, Members, & More

Administrative Units
Scoped-Role Assignments

Role Assignments

Activity Logs
Audit & Sign-In Logs

500+ Objects of Popular Applications:
Field Service
Project Service Automation
Customer Service
Standard and Custom Object Protection:
Campaign Members
Custom Objects
Other Standard Object
Complete Protection for Popular Apps:
Team Drive