Parallels RAS is a top solution for Azure Virtual Desktop

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Simply put, Parallels’ RAS solution is the best way to use AVD (Azure Virtual Desktop). AVD is a technology that allows users to enjoy Window’s desktop experiences from anywhere, and more organisations now use RAS to streamline and manage the remote use of AVD for their business.

Streamlined remote working

What does Parallels RAS do? RAS (or Remote Application Server) supports, integrates, and extends AVD capabilities for organisations. This is critical for many reasons, and when put in place, it can streamline remote working and provide secure access to virtual desktops and applications.

Any device, anywhere, anytime

Parallels RAS delivers virtual desktops and apps to any device, no matter where they are. Giving employees easy access to their desktop is essential to keep workflow at its optimum best. It also lets employees switch between devices and locations, which increases productivity and satisfaction.

Security and monitoring

One of the most important benefits for organisations is the enhanced security that comes with Parallels RAS. It also allows organisations to centrally organise, monitor, and even restrict access. And protecting data against cyber threats is vital for remote working within organisations.

Quickly scale infrastructure

Parallels RAS is a way to rapidly scale your IT infrastructure whenever you need to. It also allows for auto-provisioning, which deploys IT and Telecom services instantly rather than doing it manually. This lets organisations increase the agility of their infrastructure to meet demands in real time.

Better for businesses

Parallels RAS enhances and simplifies Azure Virtual Desktop capabilities to provide organisations with a way to administrate more effectively for better user experiences. It configures and maintains AVD and other resources, to support private, hybrid or multi-cloud deployments.

Combining with Azure

Azure provides a fast, secure, and reliable cloud environment, combining perfectly with VDI solutions such as Parallels RAS. Organisations can create, scale, and manage required virtual workloads on-demand directly on Azure, rendering faster deployments and optimising costs.

Reduced cost of ownership

Parallels RAS solutions saves resources, as well as reduces the hardware footprint and overhead costs. A single licensing model incorporates all the product’s comprehensive features, and the learning curve for administrators is faster due to the minimal amount of free training needed.

Boosting productivity

Organisations can provide end-users with seamless access to all AVD and other resources with the Parallels Client for Windows. In addition, Parallels RAS features such as Universal Printing and Scanning, AI-based session prelaunch and accelerated file redirection, enrich the AVD experience.