Why Exertis for Dell ISG?

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Exertis Enterprise stands as the quintessential choice for partners seeking Dell ISG (Infrastructure Solutions Group) solutions due to its comprehensive suite of services and unwavering commitment to partner success. Leveraging the Path to Gold program, Exertis offers a structured roadmap that aids partners in achieving Gold-level competencies, ensuring proficiency and recognition within the Dell ecosystem.

With Partner First at its core, Exertis prioritises collaborative relationships, empowering partners with tailored support, resources, and incentives, fostering mutual growth and success. Co-Delivery further solidifies its appeal, providing seamless integration of Exertis’ expertise with partners’ capabilities, resulting in streamlined, efficient project execution and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Moreover, Exertis Enterprise’s Asset Recovery solutions offer a sustainable approach to decommissioning and recycling, aligning with environmental objectives while optimising asset value. This comprehensive suite of services underscores Exertis’ commitment to delivering not only superior Dell ISG solutions but also holistic support and value-driven partnerships, making it the premier choice for partners seeking excellence, reliability, and mutual success.

Why Exertis for Dell ISG?

We provide the expertise to help support the growth of your business, with a focus on activity, not just words.

With our dedicated team of specialists, we provide:

Rapid empowerment
Bespoke training for your sales and technical teams to give them the:
• Knowledge to uncover opportunities
• The confidence to close opportunities, and maximise the deal scope and revenue
• Updates on new solution releases and messaging

Marketing advice and lead-generation
• Expertise focused on entry and mid-market solutions
• White-label lead-generation campaigns
• Help with maximising your Marketing Development Funds
• Support with your sustainability journey and messaging
• With a focus on helping your customers reduce their carbon footprint

Partner program guidance
Program experts to help you to:
• Select the solutions that are right for your customers
• Maximise the benefits of the training and certification programs
• Take advantage of all the available rebates and incentives
• Support with your Dell ISG business plan
• A single point of contact for escalations and queries

Technical pre-sales assistance
Help with opportunities, including:
• Solution advice, design, and sizing
• Support with questions, technical materials, and tools
• Infrastructure sizing assessments

Whether you are an Authorised or Gold partner at the beginning of your ISG journey, or a Platinum or Titanium partner who has a sales team to empower, Exertis are here to help

Power Of Partnerships Q&A

Our Host Harpreet Grewal, Commercial Manager at Exertis is joined by Rod Osborne, Consultant at Apex Systems telling us all about how Exertis Empower Dell Partners to succeed and all the benefits that come with being a Dell Partner

Path to Gold

Its time for power upgrade and become a Gold Partner with Dell.

Attract more new customers and demonstrate more value to your existing Customers. Access more rewards from Dell from rebates to marketing funds to power your business forwards.

With access to the following benefits as a Dell Gold Partner which can help you and your customers thrive:

  • Rebates rewards
  • Services Delivery Competency Enablement
  • Access to Dell’s Solution/Briefing Centres
  • Visibility on Dell’s find a Partner to drive brand awareness and attract prospective leads
  • Proposal-based Marketing Development Funds (eligibility on approval)
  • Access to VMware resell and rebates

Expect faster sales cycles, profitable revenue growth and more opportunities to capture new market.

How we support Partners with their path to gold

Partner First

An enhanced go-to-market strategy that will increase Dell storage opportunities for our partners

• 99% of Dell customers and potential customers considered “Partner First” for storage
• Dell will reward sellers more when transacting through a Partner 
• 4x increase in number of storage Partner of Record (PoR) accounts

We at Exertis who were first to be awarded a distribution agreement in the UK by Dell have a heritage of success with Dell Partners, so this is a great opportunity for Dell Partners to benefit more with a value-added Dell Distributor such as Exertis where we Empower Partners with training, marketing, sales tools and technical resources.”

“We at Exertis provide the expertise for our Partners to drive growth and maximise the opportunity of the Partner first strategy for Storage from Dell.”

Harpreet Grewal, Dell Commercial Manager at Exertis Enterprise


What is Co-Delivery?

Co delivery is a services delivery option that enables Partners to showcase their capabilities while coordinating with Dell Technologies to deliver/deploy services to customers.

How Does it work?

  • Resell Dell delivery services and earn rebates on eligible ones
  • Share delivery responsibilities with Dell Services
  • Receive reimbursement

What are some of the benefits of being a co delivery Partner?

  • Services incentives count toward tier attainment revenue goal
  • Ability to market additional delivery option capabilities to customers
  • Reduce internal resource costs by collaborating on the delivery process
  • Access to valuable Dell expertise, tools and best practices

Leverage your competencies, earn incentives, grow profitability

  • Flexibility: Co delivery gives you the flexibility to deliver key components of the deployment services with the option of individual offers to tailor to specific customer requirements.
  • Differentiation: Only partners who have met rigorous requirements are eligible for co delivery. This raises your credibility with customers as they see you as a true extensions of Dell Services.
  • Expansion and Leverage: You can use co delivery to expand your services offerings and get started in new markets. Leverage Dell Services and expertise in areas that complement your core expertise and win opportunities with the backing of the Dell Technologies brand.+

Asset Recovery

Exertis TES Sustainability Initiatives

Exertis / TES Guaranteed Recycling

End users will increasingly value IT hardware which is able to be recycled, and the logical next step is to have that recycling GUARANTEED at end of life.

Exertis add a QR Code to every piece of hardware which leaves the warehouse.  This can be a sticker on the outer box, a flyer inserted in the box or a sticker on the machine.  The QR code takes the end user to an Exertis branded, TES website.

Exertis Sustainability Partner

The levels of partner are :-

  • Member
  • Promoter
  • Warrior

In conclusion, Exertis Enterprise emerges as the preeminent choice for partners seeking Dell ISG solutions, embodying a commitment to excellence, collaboration, and comprehensive support. Through initiatives like Path to Gold, Partner First, Co-Delivery, and Asset Recovery, Exertis showcases a dedication to partner success by providing structured pathways to expertise, tailored support, seamless collaboration, and sustainable solutions.

The firm’s unwavering focus on building enduring partnerships, empowering businesses to achieve their goals, and delivering unparalleled value underscores Exertis’ reliability and trustworthiness. Their holistic approach not only ensures superior Dell ISG solutions but also promotes environmental responsibility and maximizes returns on assets.

With a track record of excellence and a customer-centric ethos, Exertis Enterprise stands as a stalwart ally, offering not just products but a complete ecosystem of support, expertise, and shared success. Choosing Exertis means opting for a dependable partner that elevates businesses to new heights of achievement in the realm of Dell ISG solutions.

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