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Exertis Powering Partners to Peak Performance with Dell Solutions

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, businesses are seeking comprehensive solutions that seamlessly integrate cutting-edge products with exceptional support. Exertis, a leading name in technology distribution, has forged a dynamic partnership with Dell Technologies, offering a range of innovative solutions that cater to the diverse needs of businesses. Let’s delve into the remarkable suite of offerings provided by Exertis through the Dell partnership, including Smart Selection, RISE, PowerQuote, and Stock and Sell.

Our Host Harpreet Grewal, Commercial Manager at Exertis is joined by Rod Osborne, Consultant at Apex Systems telling us all about how Exertis Empower Dell Partners to succeed and all the benefits that come with being a Dell Partner

We’ve put together some exciting new Smart Selection offers to help you sell the full solution and win. Take advantage of incremental discounts on selected server and storage promotions.

• Top selling configurations
• Industry leading products
• Made easy to sell

The cornerstone of any successful partnership lies in providing value-driven solutions that are both enticing and practical. Exertis has hit the mark with Smart Selection, for partners who benefit from exciting incentives designed to enhance the sales process. With incremental discounts on select server and storage promotions, partners are equipped with the tools to effectively sell complete solutions, ensuring both customer satisfaction and business growth.

There are three advantages to Smart Selection for Partners. Firstly, they encompass top-selling configurations, curated based on market demand and customer preferences. This pre-optimization significantly streamlines the decision-making process, enabling partners to align their offerings with popular choices. Secondly, these solutions feature industry-leading products from Dell Technologies, renowned for their quality and performance. By incorporating such products, partners can tap into the credibility associated with Dell’s brand. Lastly, Smart Selection is ingeniously crafted to be easy to sell, equipping partners with the confidence to present and promote these solutions seamlessly.

If you are a Dell Technologies Authorised Partner, you can earn big rewards every time you purchase eligible Dell products through Exertis – Saving you money on future purchases.

You’ll earn rewards on every eligible Dell Technologies purchase, which you can then use to make savings on your future purchases. Rewards are automatically credited to you, and the more you buy, the more you earn. It’s that simple.

For Dell Technologies Authorised Partners, the RISE program presents an opportunity to reap substantial rewards with each eligible Dell product purchased through Exertis. This unique proposition not only saves partners money on future acquisitions but also fosters a sense of collaboration and mutual growth.

Partners can accumulate rewards with every eligible purchase, creating a virtuous cycle of value creation. As partners continue to engage in the program, they unlock greater benefits, thereby establishing a mutually beneficial relationship. The automated crediting of rewards ensures a hassle-free experience, while the escalating rewards structure motivates partners to engage more actively, thereby further strengthening the partnership.

PowerQuote is a configuration and quoting tool that provides the ability to create and customise server and network solutions, letting you:

Select: build the correct configuration
Rapid: build your configuration quickly
Stock: manage deployments with visibility of stock

With powerful performance and intuitive navigation, it gives your customers a fantastic service and delivers quotations with speed, pricing, accuracy, product information and relevant upgrades.

Efficiency and accuracy in the configuration and quoting process are pivotal for both partners and customers. Enter PowerQuote, an advanced tool offered by Exertis. This solution empowers partners to create and customize server and network solutions with unparalleled ease.

The three pillars of PowerQuote – Select, Rapid, and Stock – create a robust platform for partners to expedite their operations. Partners can meticulously build the correct configuration, swiftly generate quotes, and seamlessly manage stock deployments. The tool’s performance prowess and user-friendly navigation extend the same efficiency to customers, providing them with an exceptional experience. This results in quotations that encompass speed, precise pricing, accurate product information, and relevant upgrade options, ultimately bolstering customer satisfaction.

At Exertis Enterprise, we understand how imperative it is to provide solutions that deliver real business agility. We thrive on not just meeting, but exceeding the expectations of Dell, and you, our partners.

At Exertis, the commitment to delivering business agility takes centre stage. Understanding the pivotal role technology plays in modern enterprises, Exertis aims not just to meet but surpass the expectations of both Dell and its esteemed partners.

The Stock and Sell approach embodies this philosophy. By offering solutions that adapt to the ever-changing business landscape, Exertis ensures its partners are armed with the tools needed to cater to their customer’s evolving needs. This approach not only showcases Exertis’ dedication to constant innovation but also emphasises the commitment to building long-lasting and fruitful partnerships.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Exertis and Dell Technologies represents a testament to the power of partnership to all Channel Partners. With offerings like Smart Selection, RISE, PowerQuote, and Stock and Sell, Exertis goes beyond traditional distribution by fostering growth, efficiency, and innovation. As businesses continue to seek holistic solutions, the Exertis-Dell partnership stands as a beacon to all Channel Partners, guiding them towards success in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

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