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Bringing accelerated Ethernet to every data center for AI and cloud

NVIDIA Spectrum-4 SN5000 Series

Purpose-built for AI, the SN5000 family is the world’s only Ethernet switch portfolio suitable for deep learning workloads, connecting cloud-scale GPU compute at speeds up to 800 gigabits per second (Gb/s).

NVIDIA Spectrum-3 SN4000 Series

Built for cloud-scale networking, the SN4000 family combines industry-leading features with groundbreaking performance to support modern scale-out distributed data center applications for all speeds up to 400Gb/s.

NVIDIA Spectrum-2 SN3000 Series

Ideal for leaf and spine data center network solutions, the SN3000 series delivers maximum flexibility with port speeds up to 200Gb/s per port and port density that enables full-rack connectivity to any server at any speed.

NVIDIA Spectrum SN2000 Series

With speeds up to 100Gb/s, the SN2000 series provides unique switch form factors that integrate into hyperconverged Infrastructure and software-defined storage management systems for ease of deployment and administration.

Spectrum-X: The World’s First Ethernet Networking Platform for AI

Easily provision and manage powerful AI applications with the NVIDIA Spectrum-X™ networking platform. Powered by the tight coupling of the NVIDIA Spectrum™-4 Ethernet switch and the NVIDIA® BlueField®-3 data processing unit (DPU), Spectrum-X delivers the highest performance for AI, machine learning, and natural language processing, as well as diverse industry applications.

Spectrum-X is a revolutionary solution for building multi-tenant, hyperscale AI clouds with Ethernet. With it, organizations can significantly improve the performance and power efficiency of AI clouds and gain higher predictability and consistency, resulting in faster time to market and a greater competitive edge.

Spectrum Switch Portfolio Features

NVIDIA is the leader in end-to-end accelerated networking for all layers of software and hardware. NVIDIA combines the benefits of NVIDIA Spectrum™ switches, based on industry-leading application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) technology, with a wide variety of modern network operating system choices, including NVIDIA Cumulus® Linux and Pure SONiC.

Best-in-class hardware performance with zero-touch accelerated RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE)

Fifth-generation in-house ASIC design for optimized AI, cloud, and storage workloads

Designed and tested for full-stack, end-to-end NVIDIA solutions

Choice and flexibility at all tiers of the stack through open NOS support

Hosted data center digital twins with end-to-end platform simulation

Exclusive features that enable fairness, predictability, and actionable visibility

Proof Points


Consistent Performance:

  • Adaptive Routing tuned for AI applications with Spectrum-X
  • Industry-low latency
  • Accelerated RoCE data path for NVMe-oF and Magnum IO

Cloud-tier Scale and Security:

  • Half a million flexible entries shared across routes, MAC, MPLS, etc.
  • Up to one million on-chip IPv4 routes
  • 100X more ACLs
  • 10X better VXLAN VTEP and tunnel scale
  • 12.8 Tb/s line rate encryption
  • Class C PTP and SyncE time synchronization
  • Secured switch offerings via hardware root-of-trust

Advanced Network Virtualization:

  • Single-pass VXLAN bridging and routing
  • Centralized VXLAN routing
  • Comprehensive and programmable tunnelling technology support
  • Network Address Translation (NAT)

Accelerated Event-based Telemetry:

  • Actionable telemetry with WJH
  • FabricView histograms
  • Streaming telemetry
  • In-band network telemetry
  • Telemetry CPU-offloads

The NVIDIA Spectrum-4 Ethernet Switch represents a groundbreaking advancement in data center networking technology. Designed by NVIDIA, a renowned leader in computing and graphics innovation, this switch offers unparalleled performance and scalability. It provides lightning-fast, reliable, and highly efficient connectivity solutions crucial for modern data centers. With its cutting-edge features and capabilities, the Spectrum-4 is set to redefine the way organizations handle their networking needs, promising to be a game-changer in the rapidly evolving world of data center infrastructure.