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The world is changing fast and becoming more and more dependent on technology, and the data deluge is changing almost every industry. Micron are dedicated to creating solutions to meet evolving memory and storage needs in a world which depends on reliable technology.


The good news: Memory and storage solutions are evolving to keep pace with big data and the next-generation technology that leverages it. Innovative memory solutions, such as DRAM, help to serve large datasets and volumes of data in real time, particularly helpful when training AI systems. Micron’s own DDR5 Server DRAM performs incredibly well when facing high performance computing workloads.

Micron delivers higher performance with DDR5 memory that can scale overall bandwidth with 4800 MT/s today and up to 8800 MT/s tomorrow. Micron’s DDR5 at 4800 MT/s delivers up to a 2x overall improvement in memory bandwidth compared to DDR4 at 3200 MT/s. DDR5 also brings new and increased densities with 24Gb components and even higher densities in the future.

Micron DDR5 memory is designed to improve reliability across the data centre with features such as on-die error correction code (ODECC) and bounded faults. ODECC corrects single bit errors and detects multi-bit errors.

Micron 9400 SSD

Additionally, taking advantage of an SSD designed for high capacity, leading performance and power efficiency is important for these same workloads. The Micron 9400 SSD enables these workloads and more for flexible deployment in hyperscale, cloud, datacentre, OEM and system integrator designs.

The Micron 9400 SSD sets a new performance standard for PCIe® Gen4 storage. It delivers exceptional performance that surpasses other major competitors up to 2.3 times mixed workload performance and improves power efficiency up to 77%. The Micron 9400 is available in industry-leading capacities up to 30.72TB ― which enables maximum rack-level storage density.

Higher power efficiency means you get more workload performance (higher IOPS) for the energy consumed (watts). The Micron 9400 has up to 77% better power efficiency than our prior generation SSD. The 9400 SSD improves power efficiency and helps you save money while reducing your environmental impact.

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The Micron® 7450 SSD with NVMe™ is the world’s most advanced 176-layer
NAND data center SSD1—achieving 2ms and lower quality of service (QoS)
latency for random read and write workloads, offering high capacities for
broad deployment options, and delivering extensive security features.

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The Micron 5400 SSD boasts the world’s most advanced NAND, along with 50% higher reliability (mean time to failure [MTTF]) and endurance ratings than the other leading data center SATA SSD.

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