We are a leading distributor of VMware solutions and have the technical expertise to allow our customers to capitalise on opportunity

Why we're the perfect fit for VMware SD-WAN

We have an established, and growing relationship with VMWare, where we have delivered some of the largest SD-WAN projects globally.

Technical expertise

Our technical expertise within our dedicated VMWare team has allowed us to become VMware’s largest distributor in EMEA for SD-WAN.

Our specialist team can work with you from opportunity qualification through solution design and side by side with you in sales motions. This allows you to develop and build your own expertise in the solution set whilst developing pipeline and capitalising on early wins.

Flexible billing

Exertis Enterprise are a leader in our flexible billing solutions. This allows us to offer our partners monthly billing profiles and a range of options to make SD-WAN work for you.

Pre-sales services

Exertis have a full range of pre-sales support who are trained, certified, and experienced on the VMware SD-WAN solution. Our support ranges from opportunity qualification, solution design and bill of material creation. We can also support our partners on early customer engagements, facilitating knowledge transfer.


We have capability to support managed services offerings from our 24x7x365 support centres.

VMware solutions

VMware streamlines the journey for organisations to become digital businesses that empowers and delivers better experiences to employees to maximise flexibility and productivity.

Deliver high performance, reliable branch access across clouds and apps. Optimise traffic over multiple connections for a better user experience anywhere.



SD-WAN is the application of software-based network technologies that virtualise WAN connections. SD-WAN decouples network software services from underlying hardware to create a virtualised network overlay.

Enabling the connection of users anywhere to application, SD-WAN offers flexibility, simplicity, performance, security, and cloud scale.

Make your business cloud ready today using VMware’s SD-WAN solution.



By optimising traffic over multiple available connections, SD-WAN delivers a better user experience, anywhere. SD-WAN dynamically steers traffic to the best available link and remediates if transmission issues arise to ensure high performance of applications.

Guaranteed performance. Unmatched flexibility. True simplicity.