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Introducing the Micron 5400 SATA SSD: the pinnacle of data center storage innovation. As the world’s first 176-layer SATA SSD, it’s built upon 11 generations of Micron’s proven SATA architecture, offering unparalleled stability and performance. This breakthrough SSD simplifies the transition to flash storage, combining the latest NAND technology with reliability and ease of use. With capacities from 240GB to 7.68TB and 50% higher reliability and endurance than its competitors, the Micron 5400 SSD is a game-changer. It also features advanced security options, ensuring full performance with peace of mind, all under Micron’s 5-year warranty.

  • Micron’s 5400 SSD features the industry’s most advanced SATA SSD technology.
  • Combines proven data center SATA architecture with advanced 176-layer NAND technology.
  • Offers 50% better reliability and up to 50% greater endurance than competing SATA SSDs.
  • Provides the broadest portfolio of data center SATA SSDs for extensive customization and optimization options.
  • Available in a wide range of capacities, from 240GB to 7.68TB, to meet diverse storage needs.

Choosing Micron 5400 SATA SSD for data center storage needs offers unparalleled reliability and performance enhancements. This SSD is engineered to deliver high capacities, robust security features, and the endurance needed to withstand the rigorous demands of around-the-clock data center operations. Its advanced technology ensures consistent, fast data access and transfer speeds, significantly improving system responsiveness. Additionally, the Micron 5400 SATA SSD’s power efficiency reduces operational costs by minimizing energy consumption. Its exceptional durability and data protection capabilities make it an ideal choice for businesses looking to enhance their data center’s efficiency, reliability, and overall performance.

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