Exertis Enterprise Unveils State-of-the-Art Integration Facility in Basingstoke

You are currently viewing Exertis Enterprise Unveils State-of-the-Art Integration Facility in Basingstoke

Exertis Enterprise is excited to unveil the significant expansion of our Integration Facility in Basingstoke, marking a pivotal advancement in our rack scale capabilities and setting a new standard for excellence in technology integration, logistics, and subcontract manufacturing services. This state-of-the-art facility not only quadruples our previous capacity but introduces an innovative element that enables us to build, test, and configure up to 8 fully populated rack solutions simultaneously, with potential for further expansion as the business grows.

Our enhanced capabilities not only allow us to offer high end integration, configuration & optimisation services on behalf of our partners, as well as bespoke testing, documentation & branded services. But also offers all encompassing subcontract manufacturing services to major vendors. This development enables these vendors to scale progressively in the UK & EMEA, offering an increased inventory, responsiveness, and the ability to deliver solutions in significantly shorter timeframes, with the capacity to build up to 20,000 units per annum.

Designed with the future of technology distribution and support services in mind, the facility spans a vast area, significantly scaling our operations to meet the diverse and growing needs of our customer base. It features advanced integration suites, testing labs, and dedicated areas for client demonstrations and training, ensuring that each product and solution we deliver meets our customers’ precise requirements through rigorous quality assurance processes.

The strategic relocation within Basingstoke has also fostered a vibrant and dynamic workspace for our finance, logistics, and purchasing teams. The modern, open-plan office is crafted to encourage collaboration and creativity, optimising productivity, and employee satisfaction.

Tom Cox, Commercial Director at Exertis Enterprise, emphasised, “Our expanded Integration Facility in Basingstoke represents our ambition and dedication to leading the technology distribution industry. This enhancement not only boosts our operational capabilities but also nurtures an environment that propels our team towards delivering unparalleled excellence.”

Strategically positioned to optimise logistics and distribution services across the UK and Europe, the facility solidifies Exertis Enterprise’s stance as a premier distributor of enterprise technology solutions. “We’re immensely proud of this milestone,” Cox continued. “It signifies a substantial investment in our future and the success of our partners and customers. We’re eager to witness the innovative solutions and outstanding service that will stem from this center.”

Now fully operational, the Exertis Enterprise Integration Facility is set to support the next wave of technology integration and distribution services, ready to exceed the expectations of our partners and customers with our enhanced capabilities and efficiency.