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We've been an award-winning European Intel Authorised Distributor (IAD) for over 10 years within Intel's Enterprise Hardware categories

Why we're the perfect fit for Intel®

We use our markets and applications knowledge and combine it with portfolio expertise to supply you the ideal Intel® product. 

Pre-sales services 

Our pre-sales are the best because of our application and vertical-focused experience. Our pre-sales consultancy also provides application-specific design services. 

Integration services 

We’ve an ISO 9001:2008 accredited integration facility, with a full build, test, and configuration service for each requirement. We tailor the service to specific project documentation to provide the required value-add solution. 


We’re a certified Intel Premier Support Provider (Intel PSP). We’re qualified on Intel® Server Products, with access to Intel’s® technical engineering support teams. We also have a dedicated QA department for you questions on the build, to keep your hardware solutions running and minimize impact. 


We provide tailor-made warranty packages, with response times, service levels and on-site support. 

Financial services 

We provide financial resources to the project, including credit lines and leasing options.

Intel Partner Marketing Studio

If you sell or build products with Intel® technology, Intel® Partner Marketing Studio is your resource to access ready-to-use marketing assets and campaigns.

Become an Intel Alliance Partner

Intel® Partner Alliance membership gives you exclusive business-building opportunities, like entry to their global marketplace, advanced training, and promotional support—all tailored to your needs.

Intel® solutions

5th Gen Intel® Xeon® Processors: Workload-Optimized Performance and Power Efficiency Gains

Get more compute and faster memory at the same power envelope as our previous generation, plus outsized performance and TCO in AI, HPC, database, networking, and storage.


Grow and Excel with Workload-Optimized Performance
Quickly scale your systems and unlock new opportunities with 5th Gen Intel® Xeon® processors, the newest generation of our powerful and trusted processors. This generation is software and platform compatible with the previous generation, so you can minimize testing and validation when deploying new systems and instances. Refreshing legacy servers can result in incredible efficiency while enabling advanced use cases to drive your competitive advantage.

Run AI Everywhere with the Best CPUs for AI
The processor designed for AI, 5th Gen Intel® Xeon® processors has AI acceleration in every core and are ready to handle your demanding AI workloads—including deep learning inference and fine tuning on models up to 20 billion parameters1. With faster memory, larger last-level cache and more cores, 5th Gen Intel® Xeon® processors deliver better AI performance than our previous generation2 unmatched by any other CPU.

Lower Costs and Reach Sustainability Goals
5th Gen Intel® Xeon® processors are our most sustainability-enhancing data center processors ever. Not only can built-in accelerators help improve your performance per watt, but you can extend power efficiency and savings further with Optimized Power Mode enabled in the platform BIOS for workloads that can benefit.

Help Protect Data with Confidential Computing
Intel® Trust Domain Extensions (Intel® TDX) offers increased confidentiality at the virtual machine (VM) level, enhancing privacy and control over your data. And Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX) is the most researched, updated, and comprehensive confidential computing technology in data centers on the market today.


Intel Networking Solutions

Intel® networking solutions include the Intel® Ethernet 800 series, which enables you to move faster and store more. Improve application efficiency and network performance with innovative and versatile capabilities that optimise high-performance server workloads.