Our values

Ensuring that our customers receive a technical, commercial and competitive business advantage

Exertis Enterprise’s ethos underpins our almost 30 years' dedication to adding innovative value for customers.

Trusted – we’re a trusted advisor that goes further for your business. We know our technology, products, markets and trends. With joined-up thinking across teams and locations, we always come together as one to exceed your expectations.

Innovative – we have a passion for taking carefully selected emerging vendors to market. It’s why we continue to move into new areas, follow emerging trends and delivering more of what our customers and vendors want.

Service – we deliver on quality of service by being more efficient, more human and more consistent. That means you communicate with the same helpful and responsive experts each time, so they get to know you and your business through and through.

Focused – we’re not too big, but we’re not too niche either. We offer a wide range of specialisms to suit every customer. That way, we can give you our full attention and focus on your individual needs.

Technical – we understand that you need to work with a distributor you can trust, which is why we’ve spent over 25 years developing our specialisms. We can offer you the very best technical knowledge at every stage.

Collaborative – we’re a collaborative partner that acts as an extension of your business. Our experienced team is here to help, whether you want us to deal with end-users directly, provide marketing support, collaborate at events or follow up leads to close sales.

Tailored – we’re all about you, so we tailor our approach to ensure you have the answers you need, so you can make the choice you want. Whether it’s managing business or configuring products for maximum return, we go one step further every time.

Influential – we have a powerful voice based on the relationships we’ve developed over more than 25 years. It’s a strength that puts us in a good position with our customers, and enables us to build brands up – not let them down.

Dedicated – our symbiotic approach to developing your business is testament to our dedication. We have the desire, and ability, to be an extension of each business we work with, ensuring a complete commitment to each partner and individual requirements.

Agile – we’re more agile than most, with the freedom to act quickly, adapt to your changing needs and offer a truly personal service. We always take the initiative and act on it, while embracing every challenge that comes our way.