Spectra Logic Expands its Family of Data Storage Solutions with New Tape Library Offerings

Basingstoke, 1st March 2018: Spectra Logic today announced a major expansion to its family of automated tape storage solutions with the introduction of two new tape library products. These products include the all-new Spectra® Stack, a highly scalable, modular and affordable tape library that allows users to start with a single tape drive and 10 tape slots, growing incrementally as their data needs increase, and the new Spectra T950v Tape Library, an affordable, entry-level model of the popular high-end Spectra T950 Tape Library family.  The new tape libraries provide both value and functionality for organisations wrestling with growing data sets and shrinking budgets. In other tape updates, the company announced that all Spectra tape libraries-- up to and including the new T950v -- can now be deployed with lower-cost half-height fibre or SAS LTO tape drives, potentially saving tens of thousands of dollars per installation. In addition, Spectra plans to offer RoCE 10Gigabit Ethernet connectivity with its IBM® TS1155 tape drives for Ethernet tape library integration in Spectra’s T380, T950, T950v and TFinity® ExaScale Tape Libraries, allowing customers to use their existing Ethernet infrastructure without investing in additional hardware.


“Spectra is delighted to partner with Hammer, EMEA’s leading storage solutions distributor, to offer their customers one of the broadest selections of world-class tape, disk and hybrid cloud storage solutions available,” said Brian Grainger, CSO, Spectra Logic.  “We’re particularly excited about Spectra’s latest offering, the Spectra Stack Tape Library. No doubt Hammer customers will appreciate its flexible, stackable and economical design that allows them to upgrade incrementally as their needs grow and budgets permit.”


“One of the key features of the new Spectra Stack is its incredible user versatility,” said David Feller, Spectra Vice President of Product Management and Solutions Engineering. “Customers have unparalleled options in terms of initial tape library deployment, the generation of LTO drive used, the height of the tape drives used, and whether to install new or existing tape drives in their library. In addition, Spectra Stack’s BlueVision software delivers the same powerful functionality, whether the user deploys a smaller library with a goal to grow over time or deploys a large library from the onset,” he added.

Contact Hammer for more information on the Spectra Stack Tape Library, or to learn more about the full Spectra portfolio.

Source: Hammer
Published Date: 01/03/2018

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