Exertis Hammer Becomes First Distributor of Seagate Enterprise Data Solutions Across Europe

Exertis Hammer has announced it is extending its Seagate offering to include Seagate Enterprise Data Solutions, and is the first distributor in Europe to do so. This enhanced partnership offers efficient and economical solutions for enterprises seeking to secure, manage, and access large volumes of mission-critical business data. Seagate Exos™ and Nytro® systems deliver unprecedented modularity for limitless data growth, allowing customers across market segments to build their own infrastructure or immediately deploy fully optimised end-to-end systems.

IDC’s Data Age 2025 white paper, sponsored by Seagate, predicts that by 2025 the global datasphere will grow to a staggering 163 zettabytes, with enterprises being responsible for creating 60% of this data. With the sheer volume of data forecasted to be created over the coming years, businesses are increasingly looking for a way to solve their capacity needs without having to compromise on space.

Seagate Exos Systems provide high-capacity Exos enterprise hard drives with an enclosure that leverages up to 106 devices, and can provide an unprecedented 1.4PB of business intelligence in only 4U of rack space or 168TB in only 2 rack units, low TCO and 12Gb/s speed.

Seagate Nytro Systems feature high performance, efficient storage solutions with modular flexibility combining a selection of Seagate Nytro flash drives in enclosures to support a full optimized end-to-end system.  With enviable IOPS per unit of rack storage, the datacentre solutions offer scale for compelling economics and include flawless vertical integration of their components.

Each flexible enclosure is built to support the ultimate performance provided by the appropriate class of hard disk drives (HDDs)and solid state drives (SSDs) to match customer application needs.

Adam Blackwell, General Manager for Software Defined Storage at Exertis Hammer, said: “We’re delighted to expand our Seagate portfolio to new and existing customers who require systems where performance is paramount, data growth is limitless, and modularity is unprecedented. We’ve had a fantastic partnership with Seagate for over 20 years, and we look forward to continuing to add value to customers’ businesses with this new offering.”

“Enterprises poised for the future now consider data to be one of their greatest assets, while the volume of data they need to quickly move through their systems in order to inform their decision making continues to grow exponentially,” said Ken Claffey, Vice President and General Manager of Seagate Enterprise Data Solutions. “Expanding our partnership with Exertis Hammer allows Seagate to arm forward-thinking businesses in Europe with the high capacity, high performance data storage solutions they need to fuel their future success.”

With Exertis Hammer’s expanded Seagate offering and market expertise, customers can benefit from the speed, capacity, scalability and security which the new systems range offers, plus unfettered access to data and industry-first economics. Customers can contact for more information, and Seagate systems are also available through the Exertis enterprise division.

Source: Hammer
Published Date: 14/11/2018

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