The A-List - James Ward

James Ward Managing director, Hammer.

What is your greatest career move to date? 
The recent sale of Hammer to Exertis. It's always been my goal to secure my future and now I have.

What is top of your bucket list? 
To play at Augusta, where the Masters is held.

What has changed most since you started working in the channel? 
The cloud; it's changing everything.

How do you think Brexit is going to affect the channel? 
In the short and medium term it will bring uncertainty due to currency fluctuations. Longer term? I hope the promise of access to new markets comes to fruition.

What is your least favourite task during the working day? 
Commuting. I have a 30-minute drive with a bottleneck halfway.

If you were an animal, what would you be? 
It has to be a lion as others do all the work for you. Even the hunting is done by the female.

If you won the big one on EuroMillions, what would you do? 
Keep it quiet - and use some to buy Woking FC.

What is your worst habit? 
Cutting my fingernails in the office. Well, it's not my worst habit, but the rest you couldn't print.

How has 2016 been for you? 
Absolutely superb. Hammer's best year and topped off by the sale.

If you didn't work in the IT channel, what would be your dream career? 
A golfer. I love it.

What major issues will the channel face in 2017? 
The economic uncertainty. I think 2017 will be an interesting year.

Source: CRN
Published Date: 18/10/2016

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